Q: How do I rent a unit?

A: Units can be rented in person only, with a valid Drivers License or state issued ID. We offer a month to month contract with a one month minimum. Tenants pay for the 1st month of rent, provide their own lock and can move in the same day. If the unit is needed beyond the first month, we then pro-rate the second month rent in order to get everyone on the 1st to 30th payment plan. We do not charge a deposit or administrative fee to rent. Tenant insurance is required only if stored goods have a value of more than $1,000. Visit the txssa.org (Texas Self storage Association) website to find credible companies who offer storage insurance.

Q: Do you offer 24 hour access to the facility?

A: We offer controlled access, meaning our gates are only open during office hours. We are open Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 1:30 to 7:00 pm.

Q: Can I rent a unit for only a week?

A: Each tenant must pay for at least the first full month regardless of desired length of occupancy. Hence a month to month contract with a minimum of one month.

Q: What amenities do you offer?

A: Our fenced in property offers wide driveways, clean, well lit facility, fully insulated units, tenant restrooms and on-site dolly usage. You may borrow a dolly with a $50.00 cash deposit.

Q: What discounts do you offer?

A: We offer a 10% discount to those with a valid student or military ID. We also offer a 5% discount for 6 month pre-paid contracts, and a 10% discount for annual pre-paid contracts.

Q: Can I pay online?

A: Online payments can be made by visiting the Make a Payment link at the top of the home page.

Q: What forms of payment do you allow?

A: Visa, Master Card, cash, cashier’s check or personal check are all viable payment options at this time.

Q: Do you offer Climate Controlled units?

A: We offer 5 x 10 and 10 x 10 sized climate controlled units. All other non-climate controlled units are fully insulated.

Q: What can I NOT store in my unit?

A: Tenant may not store under any circumstance the following: any living creature or organism, or any dead animal or other carcass; gasoline, oil, fuel, anti-freeze, or flammable chemicals, explosives, fireworks, or ammunition; corrosive, toxic or poisonous, or hazardous materials or waste; asbestos or asbestos-containing construction materials; lawn debris, construction debris, tires, oil, new or used batteries; marijuana and/or any other controlled substance of any kind; prohibited weapons under the Texas Penal Code; stolen property, and items illegal for self-storage under any law.

Q: Do you sell moving supplies?

A: Yes, we offer a wide variety of supplies needed when packing and moving. See our link to the products we sell!

Q: What is the height inside of each unit?

A: Each unit is at least 10 feet in height.

Q: What is the width of the unit doorway?

A: Our units have either a 4’ or 8’ wide doorway depending on the unit’s size and layout.

Q: Can your staff help me move into my unit?

A: Our staff cannot assist with any lifting of any kind. We recommend using Little Guys Movers. They offer great rates and we have received positive feedback about them for many years.

Q: Can I use your facility dumpster?

A: Our tenants may use the dumpster located just outside the entrance. We ask that all items are broken down as much as possible and placed INSIDE the dumpster. No mattresses or large furniture are allowed in the dumpster.

Q: Can I have a “sale” from my unit?

A: We do not allow this type of activity. However, you may list an item for sale in the paper and meet a prospective buyer here in the office. All activity must be conducted within the rules and regulations per tenant contract.

Q: Do you allow bands to practice in a unit?

A: We do not allow this activity at any time.

Q: Can I work on my vehicle at or in my unit?

A: We do not allow this activity at any time.

Q: Are there electric outlets in the units?

A: None of the units have electric outlets. However, most units have a light in them for lighting purposes only.

Q: What do you require at the time I move out or have a move out date in mind?

A: We often have a waiting list on certain size units so we ask the tenants to provide a 10 day move out notice. We do Require a release form be signed at the time of move out in order to void your contract. Rent can be pro-rated up to the 15th of the month if you plan to move out mid-month. We do not offer refunds on pre-paid rent.

Q: What happens if I lose the key to my lock?

A: We verify your identity with ID and can cut the lock off of your unit if applicable. If your lock is a round disc lock, you will have to utilize a locksmith. Please advise the office prior to doing so.